Name: Christian Águila Pérez
Age: 24
Locality: Puerto Rico
LinkedIN: https://pr.linkedin.com/in/bioxide
Email: arolsouls@gmail.com

Ever since I touched my first console which was the Sega Genesis, I knew that I wanted to work with games for the rest of my life. I’m very passionate about video games, they’re the best form of entertainment, an audiovisual interactive experience that immerses you and provokes different feelings based on the game’s goal. One of the first experiences I had with game development was making “levels” with legos, when I was 10, I made a complex pen and paper RPG, where I drew different heroes based on what my friends wanted to play, every hero had their own stats and playstyle, we used coin tosses to determine if the attack was valid or if it failed, the higher the hit chance, the more amounts of coin tosses you get.

We used to play everyday in the library during lunchtime, we loved it. Skip a few years ahead, I was around 12-14, when the PlayerWorlds 2D MMO engine was in it’s prime time, I used to work as a sprite artist and map designer, also administrating the game/forums, all these experiences made me love game development even more to pursue a career out of it.

Unreal Engine 4 Generalist & Gameplay Programmer with over 6 years of game development/programming experience. Detail oriented problem solver with a keen eye for debugging, ensures quality code standards are always applied and also documented during work, proficient in turning ideas from a design document into implementable, fun gameplay mechanics, auto-didactic, fast learner, proficient team player with excellent communication skills between different crafts, always engaged in continuous self-improvement of technical and soft skills, great listener and always open for feedback to improve. I have developed and released 3 free indie games that have been played and received extremely positively by thousands of gamers all over the world, even on local events, being the first game developer in my country to achieve such feat by himself.