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Eternal Raids

The Game

• A top-down/real-time strategy/horde survival hybrid.

• Gather resources, choose from over 21 different units, and control each one on the battlefield at any moment, grow your army and fend off the invading tribes in a never-ending wave survival prototype, if the king dies it’s game over.

Created in a few days for the Epic Mega Jam 2020.

Download & Play here:

Development Roles

• Main Idea

Had this idea since 2015, I wanted to create a very simple hybrid top down/rts game.

• Asset Creation

Created the majority of the units and environments.

• Level Design

Created a simple environment for the gamejam prototype.

• Programming

Wrote the majority of mechanics in C++ and made heavy use of blueprint events to cut down on iteration time.

• Animations and Rigging

Did the animation work in 3ds max and implemented an animation blueprint for the base unit class which is used on all units, made heavy use of animation uro to ensure we’re able to have over 100 animated skeletal meshes on the screen without much performance problems.

• Audio

Mixed and mastered most of the audio using samples from soundly.