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Anus Simulator 2014

The Game

This game was made in less than 50 hours for Pewdiepie’s IndiesvsPewdie game-jam in Gamejolt

Hilarious gameplay influenced by old school arena shooters

Simple and colorful art style

Download & Play here:

Development Roles

• Main Idea

I wanted to get Pewdiepie’s attention badly and the best way to accomplish that was by building the most stupid game possible, so I’d figured playing as a butthole that shoots poop at people was my best shot at this and it actually worked, he played the game, out of 1000 submissions, he played around 20 games, including mine.

• Level Design

Nothing special really, just a flat terrain, a few trees, boxes that resembled buildings and added some post processing to make it look a bit decent.

• Programming

This was my first C# only project in Unity, just a basic character, weapon mechanics and AI, I used Project Frequency’s code as a guideline but diverted a bit when it came to the weapons and projectiles.

• Animations and Rigging

An artist did the main character, then I rigged, skinned and did the animations, wasn’t pretty but it worked.

• Audio

The audio was the most interesting part in this project, I literally gathered my fart references from real sources, I had a 15min video of a guy eating mayo, drinking coke and doing all sorts of funny butt noises, I picked the best ones and mixed them with Counter Strike gunshot sounds in Ableton Live, then equalized them properly.