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The Game

• The first iteration was built in around 48 hours for a game-jam

• Fast paced third person shooter, heavily inspired by Conkers Bad Fur Day, Max Payne and Gears of War

• The game-jam version was heavily improved, overhauled all base mechanics and added online multiplayer, which was exhibited in a 4vs4 LAN environment, during Puerto Rico’s Comic Con 2016, plus other local events.

Download & Play the game-jam version here:

Development Roles

• Main Idea

I had the idea in my head for some months prior to the game-jam, I wanted to create a faster paced Conker’s Bad Fur Day that incorporated mechanics from modern shooters while keeping the cartoony visuals and quirky humor.

• Level Design

Designed the two maps in the game-jam version and quickly built them using BSP brushes and default materials that come with Unreal Engine 4. Also designed and built the 3 maps for the post game-jam version, using multiple marketplace packs and custom assets. The maps were inspired by Gears of War’s map layouts.

• Programming

The entire game was built using blueprints in Unreal Engine 4, blueprints allowed me to quickly build the core mechanics during the game-jam, the code was eventually refactored a bit but I decided to stay in blueprints as the game had a small scale and a proper C++ pass would’ve been wasted time.

• Animations and Rigging

I rigged and skinned all characters to Unreal Engine’s default skeleton, then retargetted a lot of animations from different marketplace packs, then I built a master Animation Blueprint that enabled me to quickly setup all characters to use the same animation setup.

• Audio

I had someone do the voice acting for all characters, then I modified them in Ableton Live and used them in-game, each character had different “pools” of voice lines that they could randomly pick, depending on the actions they were doing.