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Mankind Reborn


The Game

Mankind Reborn is a cyberpunk first- and third-person MMO set in the near future, eight player-run factions are locked in endless galactic strife of commerce, intrigue and warfare… each vying to secure their own legacy amongst the stars

Players write their own story, starting out in one of the eight factions, their actions and decisions help shape the face of Mankind Reborn

Combat is entirely skill-based, with full-loot on death rewarding those who master the art of war; however, every aspect of Mankind Reborn is player-driven, from the factions themselves to the economy, government and more. Will you forge your destiny as an interstellar entrepreneur, a mercenary whose loyalty lies solely to the highest bidder, or a faction leader at the helm of the next chapter in mankind’s errant journey?


Development Roles

• Founder and Lead Developer

Started as a personal project back in 2017 to practice my animation programming skills and eventually turned into a serious project once the community started growing and showing interest since then I’ve been handling all of the development and business endeavors.

• Business and Management

I’ve had to grow my team and manage people from different parts of the world who’ve contributed to the project, hiring contractors, setting up payments, going to game developer events, networking with other professionals in the field, looking for publishers, etc.

• Level Design

Built some maps for the game, retouched ones built by other team members and ensured all maps were built with a consistent pipeline to ensure that performance, visuals, and gameplay were up to my quality standards.

• Programming

Wrote all of the gameplay and backend code, used C++ for the gameplay stuff and javascript, php and mysql for the backend infrastructure.

• Animations and Rigging

I’ve had to do a lot of animation related work as well, from setting up animation blueprints to handle the characters and AI’s animations, to properly rigging and skinning the player’s wearables.

• Backend Infrastructure

Built the first iteration of the backend using mysql and php, running on an apache server, then switched over to GameSparks, which uses javascript, account management, authentication, persistent data, backend related gameplay features, etc.

• Marketing

There’s a pretty big following for this game, considering there hasn’t been a lot of marketing pushes, I’ve established a transparent developer-to-community relationship in this game, which has helped inmensively in growing the community, which has caused the players themselves to spread the word about the game.

• Dev Ops

Created an efficient automated build pipeline with Perforce and Jenkins that allows quick iteration, overnight builds, automatically pushing new development builds to Steam, etc. Also, the game servers restart every 24 hours, which ensures the server’s performance doesn’t degrade over time, this sequence properly saves all of the player’s data and safely kicks them out of the game.