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Our Ghosts of War

The Game

Our Ghosts of War” is a realistic open-world sandbox survival game set in Nazi occupied France in the days following the Allied invasion of Normandy. Inspired by survival games like “DayZ”, “Ark: Survival Evolved”, “Rust”, and “H1Z1”

Development Roles


• AI Programming

Developed an animal AI which was capable of doing survival behavior, it got hungry/thirsty/tired and it randomly picked a task to do related to its needs, the lower the value the higher the urgency to do the associated task. Wrote all the survival/urgency code in C++ and managed the animal’s logic using UE4’s Behavior Tree system. Ensured the animals had their Animation Blueprints configured correctly, did their Locomotion States/Blendspaces/Aim Offsets while making sure the values received from the base class were correct and replicated. Tested the animals under different conditions to ensure consistency. Created a predator/prey system, which animals would behave differently, depending on what category they’re in.