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Project Frequency (Unity)

The Game

• This was my first project, which essentially got me into game development

• Old school survival horror mixed with modern open-world mechanics

• Survive and explore in a non-linear open-world, gather supplies such as food, weapons, crafting items and guns while evading/fighting unknown entities

• Psychological horror story inspired by Silent Hill

Download & Play here:

Development Roles

• Main Idea

Started as a dream back in summer of 2012, the main inspiration came from old school horror games like Silent Hill, then incorporating open-world survival elements while retaining the horror aspect.

• Conceptualization

I drew a couple of monster concepts and made 2D maps of the levels that are included in-game.

• Level Design

Map layout and terrain painting.

• Programming

Wrote all of the core mechanics in C#, replacing the initial javascript code.

• Animations and Rigging

Did all the animations in the game, including the first person and creatures. Had to rig and skin the second creature entirely from scratch.

• Audio

Recorded & mastered the majority of the enemy sounds, used Ableton Live for both recording and editing, also did some music.

• Marketing

Built a big community surrounding the game thanks to all the gameplay videos people uploaded to Youtube, got interviewed multiple times and presented the game in multiple local events. Pewdiepie, the largest Youtuber at that time played the game, you can view the video above, around the 7min mark.